Fashion Rant: Why Can't I Find A Bra That Fits?

Once upon a time the bra was an undergarment that was designed for comfortable support.  It was intended to be a more humane means of controlling and supporting a woman’s breasts that the old fashioned corset.  It liberated women.

But times have changed and the once useful brassiere has now become a fashion accessory that is as uncomfortable as its predecessor had been.  It has become an uncomfortable ill-fitting means of torture.

What fashion moron decided to change how bra sizes were determined?  Whatever happened to the simple method of measuring your chest where the band would be to determine the band size and measuring over the breasts to determine the cup size?  Seriously, I want to know so that I can squeeze his/her 38 chest into a size 38 bra.  Obviously someone out there has confused a large chest size with a large breast size.

Buying a bra used to be simple. You measured your chest and your breasts and bought a brassiere that fit based on the numbers.  No complicated math involved; just some simple subtraction.  Now you have to measure your chest and over your breasts, do the subtraction for the cup size, and ADD 5 for the band size. Anyone with a perfect hourglass figure, a 36 in chest, now has to wear a size 42 bra!  This particular measuring scheme appears to be designed to make the anorexic among us feel normal.

If you think that last method of determining your size was unnecessarily complicated, the other method is unnecessarily stupid.  You put on a bra that fits you and then you measure over the band to determine the length and above the breasts (under the armpits) to determine the cup size.  Why bother measuring? You are wearing a bra that fits!  Just read the size tag attached to the bra and, voila!


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