The Left-handed Homosexual

There has been a lot of discussion and research done regarding the origins of homosexuality.  What I have seen consistently is the failure to differentiate behavior from trait.  I know from experience that a person may behave in opposition to a genetic trait.  In my case it is not homosexuality, but left-handedness.

I can hear the sputtering now.  “How dare you compare something as serious as sexual orientation to something as trivial as hand preference?”  It is simply because I do not consider sexual orientation to be a “serious” matter; you are what you are.  What disturbs me more are those who force contrary behavior on others.  Again relating to my own experience as a left-handed child, my hand preference was looked upon by my deeply religious grandparents as a sign of evil.  They literally slapped it out of me until I exhibited the expected social behavior.  I know that although I act right-handed, that I am still genetically left-handed and would be happier if I had been left that way.

Many homosexuals are pressured by society to act heterosexually in order to comply with social mores and religious beliefs.  They adapt to the hetero lifestyle, marry and have children, but they are never happy.  We treat them like sub-humans  when they choose to “revert” to being and acting like homosexuals because we are taught to believe that they have chosen the road to hell over “acting properly”.  I say, “How dare we make such a moral judgement?”  For those deeply religious individuals, I have to ask, “How do you know that they were not created by God to test our mercy, our charity or our faith in His judgement?”

Left-handedness has been accepted as a genetic trait that is shared by a small portion of the population. It is no longer regarded as shameful or evil by the religious community and only a handful of misguided individuals still look upon it as a fault to be corrected.  We do not legislate against left-handed individuals. Our new President is a Lefty! We allow leftys to serve in the military without question; even though most weapons are clearly made for right-handed individuals!  Leftys are allowed to marry and share health and tax benefits as well.  I don’t see how homosexuals are any different than left-handed people, and yet we still discriminate and vilify them.


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Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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One Response to The Left-handed Homosexual

  1. Pat says:

    I change the world in my own little way by being right handed -and- gay, even though I am not gay. But! Here’s the kicker! If I am to help change the world and silence those “faggot haters”, I have to give gay people my support. I think I’m just weird that way.


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