Fashion Rant: Comfortable Shoes

What any woman will admit she can’t live without is a decent pair of shoes.  Shoes that land between haute couture and easy chair comfortable simply don’t exist, but that doesn’t stop a woman from trying to find that pair.  Sadly, all she can find are nice shoes that don’t fit well or comfortable shoes that look like they were made for a man.

Three factors determine the comfort level of a shoe: toe box, instep and heel.  The toe box should comfortably accomodate the toes without squishing them or slicing them in any way.  A square toe box is ideal and a round one may also work, but pointed toe boxes are for Santa’s elves.

I have a high instep; that’s the part of your foot between your toes and your ankle.  The high instep is the biggest problem that I have had to deal with in finding shoes that fit.  A lot of shoes out there seem more suited to women with flat feet than to women with a high arch.

I also have to keep to a low heel, but that’s my own fault.  My weight won’t let me wear a heel higher than two inches without suffering for it.  I love the look of higher heels, but some shoes carry heel height to ridiculous levels.  No human can walk in six inch spike heels, at least not very far.  Absolutely flat shoes are also a problem for me, although I have no idea why.

As much as I love loafers and sneakers, I love a nice comfortable dress shoe!


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