Fashion Rant: Why Women Are Buying Men's Watches

Have you been shopping for a watch lately?  Today’s watches come in a variety of colors and styles, with or without gemstones attached and occasionally with numbers so that you can tell what time it is instead of guessing!

There was a time when the selection was not so varied as to face and watchband color, when all watches were analog and had numbers on the face.  Now, watches come with water inside them and little charms that float inside.  “Oversized” watches have become quite fashionable, but sadly the manufacturers have missed the point as to why they are so popular.

I have a rather large wrist, a man-sized wrist, and no woman’s watchband will fit.  I would love to buy a nice normal sized woman’s watch, but only the stretch band fit (barely) and they leave marks where they cut into my wrist.  I am forced to buy a man’s watch because it is the only way to find a watch with a band that fits!  I don’t want an “oversized” watch; I want a larger watchband!


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Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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