Expo ’67

When I was ten years old, I took my first trip out of the US.  I went with my foster mom to Montreal Canada to see the World Exposition being held there.  I remember little of the hotel where we stayed, but I do remember the subway rides out to the islands.  The trains were brightly lit, clean, and silent.  The rubber wheels made the ride smooth and no doubt contributed to the quietness of the ride.

I remember two of the pavilions above all others.  The Telephone pavilion was a sight and sound experience that took place in a theater in the round with the audience in the center of the round.  The US Pavilion was a triumph in glass and steel; it was a giant glass dome, designed by Buckminster Fuller, with multiple levels that were all accessible by escalator. Sadly, I don’t remember a single exhibit inside the pavilion as I was too fascinated by the long escalator rides.

I remember how much I enjoyed the monorail tour of the expo.  The monorail would zip around, and frequently through, several of the larger pavilions including the giant glass dome of the US.  The monorail offered a rapid fire tour of the islands that the exposition inhabitated.

I remember touring Habitat, an apartment building where each unit had a neighbor-less view.

I had met a ten year old Canadian girl, named Sophie, that I attempted to be pen pals with, but it didn’t work out because no one told me that I needed a special stamp for mail to Canada.


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Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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