Why China should “make nice” with North Korea

North Korea readily postures to attack a foreign government, namely the USA, to distract its citizens from the problems at home.  The N Korean government does not seem to have noticed that its citizens aren’t paying attention to the propaganda.  It’s not about “who do you love?”; in this case it is about “what will I eat?”

China saw the mistakes that led to the fall of the Soviet Union and decided that they were not going to continue down the same path.  They instituted a partial-capitalist system where a farmer/manufacturer could keep and/or sell anything they produced over their quota.  This led to a massive jump in production within China.  They also opened up their economy to other nations and have benefited greatly from it.

China to the north offers jobs and food to N Koreans willing to take the risk, but China does not want them.  China needs to encourage the N Korean government to make changes in their economic policy that will encourage production within N Korea.  If they do not offer an incentive to stay, there will be no one left to rule over.

This action on the part of China will garner them more favor with the rest of the world; a respect that they as a culture will value.  North Koreans will gain a more livable nation,  and South Koreans will be able to rest a little easier at night.


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