Fashion Rant: The Problem With Sleeves

I am a large woman with large thighs, a fat ass, a barrel chest and arms that could pass for legs.  When I buy a shirt that is meant to be worn by large women such as myself, I expect the sleeves to be large enough to accommodate my ample arms.  What I usually find are sleeves that would fit my bare bones, if I were willing to strip the flesh off my arms.  Apparently someone at design school failed to mention that women’s arms grow along with their waistline.

And then there are that sleeves that really aren’t.  If it doesn’t come down the arm, it isn’t a sleeve.  A little cap above my shoulder is a shoulder cap, not a cap sleeve.  It’s a lovely waste of material, but the garment is essentially sleeveless and should be sold as such.  Quarter sleeves, half sleeves and three-quarter sleeves are sleeves that describe how much coverage you can expect from them.  None of them should be cuffed.

Cuffs tend to be another problem with sleeves.  I will occasionally find a garment with ample sleeve room only to discover a tight cuff.  If my arms are large then chances are that my wrists are too.


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Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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