The Sick and the Dying

The argument rages on over who should provide health insurance in the US while people without insurance coverage are dying.  When I first started this article, I thought there must be an easy way to close the gap in health care.   What I have discovered is that health insurance in the US is a complicated web of coverage.  There are no easy answers but there are a few fixes available.

Hard working people who suddenly find themselves battling a serious ailment are forced to impoverish themselves in order to receive health-care assistance from the federal government after the insurance industry has cut them off.  What is needed are laws that make it illegal to deny health insurance to anyone who has previously had health insurance. It should also be illegal to levy surcharges against any company who suddenly has an employee diagnosed with a potentially fatal condition.  The government could also raise the eligibility limit for Medicaid.

The other option would be to cut out the middle man.  Perhaps it is time to go directly to the consumer.  This would certainly remove the burden of health insurance from small business owners.  Recently the state of Connecticut enacted a statewide insurance program which allows the individual to join when their employer does not have a health insurance plan/coverage.  Perhaps a federally run program is not the ideal choice and other states should follow Connecticut’s example.


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