Everyone is Doing It

Everyone these days is writing about twitter.  It is a new means of internet/phone communication that hit about six or so years ago but has only recently become “wildly popular”.  And I wish it hadn’t.  Before it became popular it was the bastion of those nerdy persons who “got it” and it was perfection.  The sudden onrush of traffic has cost us our most beloved feature (we *still* want it back!).

Twitter is a godsend to me because I think in short sentences anyway.  Yes, I am admitting to being “terse”!  It also allows me to eavesdrop on conversations (until that feature was deleted), pop off some sarcastic remarks (until people started to follow me), “meet” new people and learn how to have a civil conversation (a skill lost to clinical depression – now recovered).

The best part about twitter is that it does not require reciprocity like other social interfaces.  I can follow noted actor David Hewlett without having to win him over or be followed by someone without having to include them in my reading queue.  The number of people I follow has grown as has the number of people that I engage in conversation.  I still will occasionally pop off a sarcastic remark.

I will be taking the plunge this month and hopefully meet at least one of the locals that I follow at a tweet-up (a real life meeting of twitterers).  We’ll see how that goes.

Update: I didn’t go.  I decided that I wasn’t ready.


About Julirose

Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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