Fashion Rant: Buying Dresses Online

At one time the best place to buy a dresses was anywhere.  US dress factories pumped out some of the finest everyday dresses ever made.  High end labels were available for the woman who had the cash.  Now dresses have all but disappeared from the marketplace, except for cocktail, prom and wedding dresses.

The casual dress is making a comeback, but finding good everyday dresses is a challenge.  I have found two sources of casual dresses on the Internet.  One is, a high end department store chain that carries tasteful dresses for the working woman.  I recommend keeping an eye out for their clearance racks as the prices fall into the reasonable range.  They carry a wide range of sizes so that even the tiniest of women does not have to dress like a child.

The second on-line source is relatively new and located in India. offers dresses in a variety of styles in off the rack sizes or custom fit.  The dresses are well tailored, clipped and pressed.  The styles are from the late fifties/early sixties, but redone in modern fabrics. The cotton dresses are done in a fabric heavy enough to preserve a woman’s modesty without requiring extra undergarments.   They are fast at shipping their ready-made inventory; and they have an excellent return policy.

I’m sure there are other places out there offering casual dresses at reasonable prices and I would love to hear about them.


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