Lie to Me

Where did they all go?  All those people who believed in truth and liberty and the American way seem to have replaced with people who can’t handle the fact that life is not a 1950’s sitcom.  It is no longer a world where the doctor makes house calls when you feel ill.  Children are no longer safe to wander the neighborhood.  Dates no longer consist of meeting for burgers, fries and shakes at the local Woolworth’s lunch counter.  Woolworth’s is gone along with a plethora of stores that we all thought would last forever.  America’s first department store now only exists as a historical marker on it’s former flagship store (RIP John Wanamaker’s).

 All the post depression safeguards are gone as well.  Deconstructed by the very people who whine the loudest about current affairs.  It’s enough to make me almost wish for the return of Richard Nixon.  He was a racist, but he still loved his country enough to get us out of Vietnam.  He hated the press at times, mostly because he believed that they had it in for him.  Watergate threw a wrench into his plans for America.

What I do wish for are the return of those safeguards: the ones that placed limits on the amount of interest banks or anyone else could charge for mortgages and personal loans and the ones that prohibited hidden fees and regulated the credit card industry.  And if there were no regulations on the credit card industry – well, there should have been!

These days of economic hardship have us all yearning for the 1950’s when the sky was the limit and space exploration was still the stuff of fiction.  We want to trust that our bank has our best interest at heart while it hold our money.  Interest rates on Savings accounts back them were a whopping 2% and a hundred dollars was an awful lot of money.  We want our doctor to provide at home service when we are ill, but house calls have become impractical and expensive.  Medical expenses have been driven up by previously unthinkable litigation.  Malpractice insurance alone accounts for a good percentage of the physician’s fee.

The once unnecessary medical insurance has become a crucial factor in health care.  Where once medical expenses were a tax deduction, they have become a sore spot in the American psyche.  And lies are being told to incite people to act irrationally.   All because some of us refuse to leave the 1950’s behind and deal with the 21st century.


About Julirose

Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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