Fashion Rant: Adult Socks And Stockings Need Sizes Too

Remember when you were a child and your socks fit?  They didn’t fall down from being too large or cut off your circulation from being too tight because your mom could always buy them in the correct size.  And then you grew up.

Now you are an adult and one size fits all, except not really.  The concept of adults having different size feet seems to be alien to the sock industry.  Can you imagine going to the shoe store and finding that shoes come in only one size?  (OK, so they do come in one width at most shoe outlets, but that’s another rant!)  If we can’t get individual sizes, couldn’t we at least get Small, Medium and Large?  I have found that even socks meant for diabetics often come in that one size (doesn’t) fit all that we all know and abhor.

Stockings are another matter.  Most manufacturers still size their stockings the old fashioned way, and the pantyhose industry is catching up to them.  I will have an easier time buying pantyhose that fit then I will finding a pair of comfortable socks.


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