Fashion Rant: What Happened To Seasonal Clothing?

Here we are with summer winding down, and the local stores are replacing their appropriately sunny So-Cal fashions with (WTF?) fashionably fall So-Cal fashions.  Is it just me, or have department store buyers lost their minds?  I do not live in Southern California – not even close – diametrically opposite to be exact, and where I live it can get quite chilly at night during the fall.  A brown mini just won’t cut it when the snow starts blowing in early November.

What ever happened to appropriate seasonal clothing?  Where does one go to buy heavy lined pants during winter?  Where can I find winter boots that keep my toes warm and fit my calves?  Whatever happened to those long woolen coats that kept the wind at bay?  These mysteries may never be solved!  Although, a reasonable explanation might be that department store buyers have lost their minds, right along with the fashion industry.  If you ask me, too much champagne, and not enough blood flows, through the buyers’ brains during those fashion shows.

And the stores are paying the price.  Especially now, where the poor economy has people thinking in more practical terms about everything.  Warmer clothes would allow them to save some money on the heating bill this winter.  Warmer clothes would make standing at the bus stop more bearable and that would mean spending less money on gasoline.  Warmer clothes for colder weather just makes economic sense.


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