Fashion Rant: Buying Coats Online

Now that the weather has turned chilly, it’s time to check out the winter coats.  If last years coat still fits or is still in good shape then you are obviously set.  If last years coat needs replacing, it’s a different story.  Most stores are still catering to the ski bums with fluffy ski jackets suitable for gliding down the icy slopes found in Norway.  All well and good if you own the matching ski pants.

For most of us who don’t ski, the pickings are pretty slim.  There are actually long coats out there, so all is not lost.  The “dress” coat is now called a walker; this is a name change that I approve of because it is clearly indicative of its intended use.  For a while, the only coats offered in this length were the aptly named stadium coats which were bulky overstuffed quilted coats meant to keep football fans warm.

Most recently, I have discovered at least four of these elusive fashion items in a Lands’ End catalog.  A search of their website revealed several coats suitable for keeping a woman warm in the coldest of winds.  Two coats have been ordered from, a long raincoat and a knee-length wool coat, both to keep my dress-wearing daughter warm this winter.

Although several other department store sites offered long coats, the offerings are still slim to none at most of them.  Fortunately the amount of duplication was also quite slim; so chances are your coat is out there.


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