Fashion Rant: Good News For Those Who Wear Dresses

My daughter is an avid dress wearer and has been for some time.  Her sources have been spotty until recently.  While thumbing her way through the latest catalog from Victoria’s Secret, she discovered some nice fall and winter dresses in her size.  I’m just out of their size range but she is fortunately able to buy dresses from them that fit.

I have some less than stellar news about  I’ve discovered some sites where people have had problems with their orders.  I believe most of these problems are a result of their business being caught unprepared for a sudden increase in demand.  As for those who complain about “theft of design”, it’s called a knock-off.  The fashion industry has done it for years. Get over it!  Personally, I think some of the knock-offs are better looking than the designs they are emulating.


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Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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