Fashion Rant: High Boots

As the cold weather slowly wafts down from the frozen north of Canada, my mind drifts back to a time when I could wear high boots.  I had a wonderful pair of knee-high black patent leather boots with two-inch heels.  They zipped up snuggly over my calves and kept the winter’s cold away.  They are long gone, but the memory lingers on.

Now that I have calves large enough to feed a family of four, high boots are not likely to become part of my wardrobe this winter.  It’s not that there aren’t wide calf boots out there, it just that most of them are still too skinny for my calves.  Besides, I’m having enough trouble with the instep and the ankle to even think about the calves.

I’d love a pair of black patent leather high boots; I’ll settle for a pair of low boots that fit.  What I have now are a pair of boots that freeze my toes and refuse to zip shut.  I also have a pair (or two) of fur-lined clogs that have gotten me through most of the past winters.  The prediction is for a lot of snow for this winter and that means I need high boots to trod through it all.

I’m thinking of settling for a pair of men’s galoshes to wear over my jeans and sneakers.  What are your plans for sloshing through the winter?


About Julirose

Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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