“To Sleep, Perchance To Dream”

The past few weeks have been awful for me as my body begged for sleep.  It had not had a good thorough night’s sleep in a long time  and it was way behind in the dream department.  Fortunately, I had scheduled a sleep study that would tell me why I couldn’t get a good nights sleep.

I arrived at the hospital slightly early and had to wait for someone to escort me up to the sleep center.  Once there I watched a video about how sleep studies work.  The technician took my picture before sending me back to my room.  I was given paperwork to fill out and time to change into my night-clothes.

He attached the electrodes  to my skull first and then to my back, chest and legs.  He placed an airflow sensor on my nose and mouth and my body temperature was also monitored.  The technician said that the insurance company required two hours of data and I shouldn’t worry if nothing showed up right away.  The technician said that it started up immediately.

I was having trouble falling asleep because I couldn’t breathe.  I had to adjust my posture in bed just to get to sleep.  After the two-hour period, he came back into the room to place a CPAP on me.  It made a big difference almost immediately.  I could breathe and could sleep without interruption.  He commented that I seemed to be catching up on my REM sleep, but I don’t remember any of the dreams that I had that night.

For years my husband complained about my kicking him during the night, then he started to kick back as though I were doing it deliberately.  He also woke me up one night to tell me that sometimes I stopped breathing during the night.  We stopped cuddling at night; he slept better and we forgot about it.  In recent months, I had begun to fall asleep suddenly and also snoring loudly.  My daughter thought that I should do something about it.

Several years ago, our son developed the same symptoms, including falling asleep suddenly and snoring loudly.  He participated in a sleep study that determined that he had sleep apnea.  He is using a bi-PAP and sleeping better.  I hope to be joining him in a few weeks time.


About Julirose

Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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