Their Favorite Show

The little kittens were all excited.  They were swarming around their mother as she sat near the living room window in a patch of early morning sun.

 “Momma, it’s time!” They took turns shouting at their mother while she stretched out a yawn.

“It’s almost time, little ones. Show some patience.” 

Their mother slowly rose to her feet and began to follow them into the family room.

“If we don’t hurry, we’ll miss it,” they chimed while poking and prodding her to hurry along.

“It’ll be on soon, let’s go,” the eldest ran ahead to get a good seat.

Soon they were all crowded around to watch their favorite show begin.  It started at the same time every morning and they never missed it.

The littlest kitten stood by the stand and pressed his nose up against the glass.

“Back up baby, so we all can see,” Mom chided.

He sat down and wiggled his way into the front row.  Just as he got comfortable, it happened.

The light snapped on and the fish were suddenly very visible in the tank.  The automatic feeder dropped food into the water and the fish came to life snatching the flakes as they fell.

The kittens watched as the fish cleared away their morning meal, and then remembered that they too were hungry.


About Julirose

Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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