Fashion Rant: Revisited

Teenagers are always in need of clothes and my daughter is no exception.  We had purchased a dress for her through and she was happy with it.  The service was as promised – a three-day delivery from India – an amazingly quick delivery.  The dress fit as expected and has held up well after several washings in cold water.  We have started to wash everything in cold water to save money, but I digress.

20 November

We placed a second order from  It consisted of two ready-made skirts and a special order dress.

25 November

I received an email informing me that there would be a 2 day delay due to vendor problems obtaining the necessary fabric.

27 November

The two ready-made skirts arrive within three days of being shipped on 25 November.

3 December

After waiting a reasonable amount of time and hearing nothing about the progress of the dress, I sent eShakti’s Customer Champion a polite but pointed email requesting information about the missing item.

7 December

The dress arrived today.

Although there were difficulties with the order, did not lose a client.  Customer service was not up to American standards but showed improvement over what is the norm in India.  The arrival of the dress was the best possible response.


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