Fashion Rant: What's On Your Window?

When homes were poorly heated by wood fireplaces, wood stoves or coal furnaces,  heavy fabric draperies covered windows (and sometimes drafty doors) to insulate against the cold.  As homes became better insulated and cheap fuel was widely available, curtains and drapes were soon replaced by window fashions which, although decorative, did little to keep a house warm.

During these cold winter months in this poor economy, it is worth the time and effort to take a look at what is on your windows.  Even the best insulated window can still be a heat loss if not properly dressed.

Privacy issues should also be taken into account especially if you like to wander around your house without clothes. Sheer or semi-sheer curtains will offer for privacy and allow light to enter.  Additionally, blinds behind the curtains will let you modulate the light; they are a must have if you need total darkness to get to sleep.  Cellular shades can also be used to control the amount of light entering a room and when closed can give a fair amount of insulation as well.

The best form of window dressing is the classic draw drapery.  They are best when lined and of heavy upholstery fabric, offering a decorative element to the room as well as blocking light out and keeping heat in.

It’s time to get medieval with your windows and dress them as warmly as possible.


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