Fashion Rant: Buying Handbags Online

There are several sites that offer handbags, including online manufacturer sites.  Most of them offer handbags not available at your local store.  The major disadvantage is in judging size because you can’t actually handle the bag before purchasing it.  It can also be hard to see the true color of the handbag because the amount of lighting on the bag can affect its appearance in the photo.

Both Fossil and Stone Mountain have their own sites which allow you to buy direct.  I haven’t had any problems ordering from either one.

For discounted handbags, I shop at several sites:, and  The selections vary at the different sites. and offer free shipping on all orders . With it depends on the sale or amount of purchase. will occasionally upgrade your shipping, although I have no idea what motivates them to do so.

Most sites will allow you to search for handbags by designer, style, color, material, and/or price.  Options not available to the consumer are handbag size or handle length.  Some sites illustrate the drop length by hanging the bag on a model or mannequin.

My latest purchases were Derek Alexander leather bags (same style – one red, one black).  They were both purchased at, but I ended up paying more for one than the other because I purchased them during different sales.  You can’t always tell what the better deal is likely to be.   Shipping costs are not always available for comparison; it is sometimes necessary to nearly complete the order process to decide which site offers the better deal on a particular handbag.


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One Response to Fashion Rant: Buying Handbags Online

  1. I agree when I’m selling bags on eBay I try and include measurements etc to assist but it takes so much time. I guess it can make all the difference though. We have a catalogue store here in the UK called Argos – normally they are really good but because you pick the item from the catalogue and then go and collect it you have to be really careful with the measurements because sometimes it can be completely the wrong size lol. I looked a satchel and the measurements made out that it would be one size when I looked at it in the shop it was way too small.


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