What’s On Your Hotdog?

Inspired by a recent conversation thread on twitter, I have decided to list my favorite hotdog toppings.

  1. ketchup
  2. mustard and ketchup
  3. ketchup and onion
  4. mustard and sauerkraut
  5. melted cheese
  6. chili
  7. chili and melted cheese

These are not listed in order of preference.  What I put on my hotdog depends on what’s available and what I’m in the mood for.

So tell me, what’s on your hotdog?


About Julirose

Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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2 Responses to What’s On Your Hotdog?

  1. tomdotcom_uk says:

    French’s mustard,
    Pickled jalapeños.


  2. Maudelynn says:

    dill pickle relish
    french’s mustard


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