Fashion Rant: What's Changed, What Hasn't

Since starting my fashion rants against what the fashion industry is doing wrong or just not doing, some things have changed:

Designer handbags have become more useful (although still over-priced).  I have actually seen Michael Kors bags that I would buy if they were in my price range.

Warm winter fashions have returned to the stores, although the So-Cal influence is not gone for the winter months.  Let’s face it; you need something to wear in the warmer climes while on vacation there.

Jeans come in wider legs for the larger women or women with very muscular legs.  Some specialty stores are even offering clothes tailored for different body types.  Fashion Bug comes to mind, but I have seen similar fashions offered in a recent Nordstrom’s catalog.

Dresses have become plentiful, as shown by the Sunday advertising insert. appears to be doing well; at least, I haven’t had any angry comments from unhappy customers who may have purchased from them on my recommendation.  Victoria’s Secret has featured some warm winter dresses as well as warm winter sweaters.

I’m not sure if designers are aware of the too-tight sleeves on blouses and dresses.  Although now I realize that the problem may simply be that designers tend to work with armless dress forms and not real women.  We do not all have skinny arms!

Sadly, some things have not changed:

I still can’t find a comfortable bra that fits.  I am not alone in abandoning the garment completely, although I miss the extra warmth during the winter.

Wide calf boots are still hard to come by and proper snow boots remain rarer still.  I’m muddling through this winter with a pair of low boots that I still can’t zip shut and avoiding all contact with deep snow.

It has been an interesting eight months.  I seem to have less to gripe about, but I’m sure that something will come up.


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Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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