The Wyvern (Exerpt)

Lydia sat at the table working a crossword puzzle and sipping coffee.  She looked old enough to be someones grandmother, a young grandmother in her fifties.  There was some gray in her hair but her face was wrinkle free. 

Dunham paced the floor while they waited.  He was in his late thirties, still possessing his jet black hair and looking quite young for his age.  He would stop his pacing at the window and draw aside the curtain to peer outside. 

“Relax,” Lydia spoke calmly, “he’ll get here when he gets here.” 

Dunham spun around and glared at Lydia.  “How can you be so calm?  Aliens are invading and you just sit there!” 

Lydia smiled at Dunham, shook her head and sighed as he went back to staring out the window. 

Lydia stood up and walked to the door.  There was a faint knock and she unbolted the lock.  The man outside wore military casual.  She let him in, offering him a drink of cold water.  He had parked some distance from the house and walked in. 

Dunham stared at the two as they made their small talk before interrupting, “Is that him?  The man you want me to talk to?” 

“You’re here to talk to me.  He’s here to keep you safe while I go check things out.  Whatever happens while I’m gone, listen to him and do exactly what he says.”

Dunham sat down at the table and began to describe what he saw.  He fidgeted throughout the discussion while Lydia listened calmly sipping at her coffee and smiling occasionally.  The Marine stood nearby showing some amusement at Dunham’s agitation when he was describing his narrow escape.

“They know you’re here.”   Dunham jumped in his seat when the Marine spoke.

“What?” he jerked his head around to look at the Marine who was drawing his weapon.

Lydia stood up and closed her eyes.  “I can see two of them out front and three more out back. I can’t tell if they have weapons.”

“What do we do?” Dunham stammered at the Marine.

“You stay put.  There’s not much we can do.  It’s all in Lydia’s hands.”

“I’m going outside to resolve this,” Lydia headed for the door, “with as little violence as possible.”


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Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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