Fashion Rant: Cleaning Out The Closet (Handbags)

Like many women, I have built up a rather large  handbag collection over the years.  Most have worked for me for some time before coming across one that I think will serve me better.  I’ve cleaned out my closet before and let go of many mistakes; I’ve also let go of a few that I have had regrets about, at least until I remember what was wrong with them.

It seems to be getting harder and harder to let the mistakes go these days.  I seem to be forgetting why they bug me, what their failings are, or what I can’t stand about them: too small, too soft, not enough pockets or simply the wrong color (what can I say, tastes change).

I had a nice purple bag once, except for it being too small, not having enough interior pockets and having a too wide strap.  But it was nice and stiff and a really nice shade of purple.  I’ve tried replacing it, but all I find are these super soft leather bags that have no chance of standing up to the beating that I put my handbags through.  Sometimes I find myself missing that nice purple bag, and that is why it has become harder for me to let go.

I have gotten better; I can toss the ones that break beyond my ability to repair them (wonky zippers, broken straps, opened seams).  but I am still uncomfortable about tossing the ones that just fail to measure up.  I’m always wondering if I can somehow make it work.  There are some that just annoy me too much to make them work for me.  Those need to go!

There are some that could be handy when I want to pack light, once I figure out how and when to do it.  There are some that serve as seasonal bags.  There are also “almost” bags that are as close as I’ve gotten to what I’m looking for in a cross-body bag.  I’d like a bag that I can carry hands-free that will hold my “can’t live without”.  A bag that I can go on a hike with.

I’ve gone the backpack route and am not comfortable with it.  Most crossbody bags are the wrong shape to be useful to me.  They look wonderful empty, all flat and flattering, but put something in one and they get bent out of shape.  All the aborted attempts will have to go when the time comes; but is that now or when I’ve found my prize?

And the final question is whether to give them to charity or sell them off.  Usually I give them to a local charity although occasionally I will yard sale them, perhaps this year I will do a little of both!


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