Fashion Rant: Cellphone Hell-o, Are You There?

I’ve recently decided that my cell phone is too tiny so I’ve been out looking for a replacement.  I haven’t had much luck finding one that is larger than what I have with basically the same features.

The new phones are all loaded up with gadgets and only slightly larger than what I have.  And I have to ask, what so smart about a smartphone?  Cruising the internet is fine for a netbook or small notebook, but a phone should be a phone.

I want a phone that works well with a speaker large enough to do justice to the human voice.  Text messaging is fine, so is a camera for photo messages; I’ll even go so far as to put up with an mp3 player.  But when you cram too much into a tiny object, it begins to obscure it original purpose.

With these new smartphones come new expenses, like a monthly fee to access the digital data services.  And these phones can only be purchased if you pay the extra fee.  Cellphone plans are expensive enough and terribly voice heavy.  I’d be willing to trade some minutes for unlimited text or data access.

Of course, the ‘military’ option with push to talk is there, but am I that hard on my phones?  And will they do the job that I want most from them?  They seem to be my most viable option if I want a cell phone that doesn’t get lost in my hand or my purse.

For the moment I am pretty much stuck with what I have because what I want doesn’t exist or at least isn’t available to me.  I want a clamshell phone roughly the size of a standard poker deck.  That should give me a screen where the print is readable.  I would like a 5 mp camera, mp3 capable phone with removable media.  I don’t need internet access, but the option would be nice to have.

What I will settle for is a phone the size of a standard poker deck, with a decent speaker, that works really well as a phone.  Or is that too much to ask?


About Julirose

Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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