Fashion Rant: Dresses For Teens

My daughter is into dresses.  She always has been, but like all teenagers, she has no interest in dressing like her mother.  It has been a challenge finding dresses that appeal to her sensibilities.

Sadly, most department store offerings are either dowdy or cheesy.  Few young women want to dress like their mothers or like the local call girl.  Young and flirty is fine, but hard to find in larger sizes.

She has had a great deal of success however shopping online and has sampled several sources.  Her favorite has been Victoria’s Secret.

Their dresses are flirty (sexy, but tasteful).  Their range of colors and styles is quite large, as are their sizes. The clothing wears well.  She has dresses that are several years old that still look quite new.  None of the colors have faded and the reds have never bled.

Victoria’s Secret offers far more online than their stores carry.  If you have shopped there before and like what you’ve seen, you will love their online store.  And their prices for their clothing is well within a young woman’s budget.


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