Fashion Rant: Trends I’d like To See Again

Knee socks for women of all ages and sizes when worn with a dress has gone out of fashion.  I want it back.  The return of thin cotton socks for the summer and fall and thick cotton socks for the winter and spring would be more than welcome.

Women’s shorts that go down to the knees.  Not every woman wants to wear “Daisy Dukes” and not all women should.  Long shorts have an advantage over short shorts in that they offer more protection when sitting down on hot surfaces and mossy logs.  A well pocketed pair could hold keys, cell phone and a few other necessary items.

Rain or snow boots that you could pull on over shoes were big and somewhat bulky, but they fit well and worked for shoes from flat to two-inch heels.  They still make them for children but the adult sizes are no longer available.  Wellies and galoshes are necessities in the snowier/muddier climates.

I’m certain there are more trends that need to be revived.  And when I can think of them, I’ll get back to you.  If there are any trends you’d like to see return, feel free to leave a comment.


About Julirose

Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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