Fashion Rant:

I’ve become quite adept at shopping online.  I admit to spending more time browsing than buying.  One of my favorite sites to visit is  I am a fan of their leather handbags and wallets.  I find myself spending a lot of time at other sites to gather the information I need to decide on an item.

The few times that I have purchased direct from Fossil have been pleasant experiences.  The items have arrived as promised and in good condition.

Recently I made an inquiry about their watches.  There was no information available on the website about their bracelet sizes.  The response was prompt and to the point.  I now know that they have the largest standard watchband sizes available.  The email hinted that they might be open to customization by providing extra links for their metal bands.  I am assuming that there would be a fee for the extra links.

I have explored their clothing section, and although limited, it is quite impressive.  Their clothing line possesses the same dedication to style and quality as their watch and handbag lines.

Although you can buy most Fossil products elsewhere online, they do have a few items that are only available at their site.  I always go there first and then check the web looking for a discount.  Often, there isn’t one.


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