Getting My Daily Fix

I’m a caffeine addict.  I can’t get through the day without my morning pot of coffee.  It’s a small pot, but it still amounts to more than one cup.

I use large mugs to hold my morning coffee.  Nothing smaller than ten ounces will do.  I will suffer through anyone’s coffee if I am away from home or out for breakfast.  But at home, there is only one coffee for me.

I used to drink Maxwell House or Folger’s depending on which was on sale.  They were no better or worse that what most restaurants serve.   And then a friend moved up from New Orléans and refused to drink anything but her coffee.

But her coffee was expensive; Gevalia just didn’t seem worth the money to me.  I stuck with my Folger’s and Maxwell House.  Eventually she tired of the Gevalia, prompted by a care package from her oldest son in Louisiana.  He had included a raft of Zatarain’s items not available locally and two pounds of Community Coffee.

She never looked back.  And she also insisted on handing out bags of the coffee to other people, me included.  So, now I’m hooked on Community Coffee.

I can order it online and have it delivered to my door.  From time to time they will have special offers that are simply irresistable.  I’m waiting for a shipment now.


About Julirose

Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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One Response to Getting My Daily Fix

  1. dave says:

    mmm, coffee. My drug of choice.

    Sadly, my workplace only has vending machine coffee brown liquid. And the canteen’s cappucino machine was discovered to contain only powdered milk and dried coffee



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