Friday, the Thirteenth Kitten

The little kitten was blacker than night with not a speck of white fur anywhere on him.  No one knew where he came from; he had just wandered in one night with the rest of the cats and settled in as if he had always been there.

He played with the other kittens as though he had always been there and they accepted him as if he were a litter-mate.  The older cats tolerated his presence with an air of apathy.  Only the dog seemed concerned about the sudden appearance of the intruder in the house.

Simon kept a close watch on the little black kitten as it scampered about.  He even allowed it to cuddle up next to him for a nap during the night.

In the morning the humans came down to make breakfast and feed the pets.  Simon barked his usual “good morning” to them, waking the cats and sending them scampering to the food bowls.

The large human female came over and started to fill the bowls with kibble when she noticed the little black kitten sitting by himself.

She finished filling the bowls and came over to where the little kitten sat.  “Well, hello there,” she said in a sweet melodic tone.  “I’ve never seen you before.  Are you hungry?”

The little black kitten stared up at the woman and mewed quietly.  “Well, go on then, join the others.”  He ran quickly to a bowl and started to chow down.

The woman moved to another corner of the kitchen and opened a large can of dog food. “Okay, Simon. It’s your turn,” she said while scooping the food into a large bowl and setting it on the floor.  The large dog trotted over and dug in.

When the family came down to breakfast, the woman was holding the new kitten in her arms where it sat purring rather loudly.

“It seems we have a new pet,” she announced while scratching the kitten’s head.  “What shall we call him?”

The man of the house stared at the little kitten, “Don’t we have enough cats?”

“I know.  We already have a dozen as it is.  And this little kitten would make thirteen if we keep him.”  She stroked his back encouraging him to purr as loud as possible.

“Thirteen!” the littlest child chirped.  “It’s Friday!”

“Yes, Davy. Today is Friday the thirteenth.”  the man said as he passed the bacon.

“No, Daddy,” the little boy chirped back, “the kitten’s name is Friday!”

The man smiled at his son and then at his wife.  “You’re right, Davy.  It looks like Friday gets to stay!”


About Julirose

Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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