Little Green Courgette

This is the time of year when most gardeners are wondering what to do with their glut of vegetables, particularly if they have grown way more zucchini than expected.  And I have suggestions for those who are clueless.

If you can harvest the smaller ones, you can eat them with the skin intact.  Slice them into tiny coins, or cut into spears or Julienne strips and add to pasta or salad.  They can also be quickly sautéed as part of a pasta Primavera.

With the older and larger of the squash, you may find it useful to peel off the skin as it does get tougher when the squash matures. You can slice them lengthwise and broil, roast or grill them.  You can dip spears into batter and deep-fry them for a tasty treat.

You can slice them into coins and either microwave, steam or boil until soft and serve in a mixture of melted butter and warmed milk.  A simple sauté with butter or olive oil can also be done.

Zucchini bread, soup and a variety of casseroles are possible for the more adept cook. And if you still have way too many courgettes, you can give them away.

Or trade them for some of your neighbor’s too many tomatoes.


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