There and Back Again

In December 1977, I became a college dropout.  I had to withdraw from Cornell University because I couldn’t keep up.  I knew something was wrong, but not what it was.  Over the years I avoided going back to college because the thought of it all terrified me.  I had no idea what to study, only what not to study.

In July 2010, I became a transfer student at Northampton Community College.  I have always been good with numbers and had decided that I should major in Accounting.  I’ve been back at college since 23 August and I am loving it.  The classes are smaller here and I am not lost in a large lecture hall.

It was a bit of an adjustment.  I hadn’t touched a textbook in nearly thirty years and my first few attempts at reading the chapters assigned were painful (literally, I got a headache from reading).  I forgot to take my first homework assignment to class and ended up doing a ‘quick and dirty’ redo (only to find out that I could have brought it in during the next class).

I’ve managed not to fall behind and I am participating as much as possible in class.  This is a trend that I hope will continue throughout the semester.


About Julirose

Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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