Fashion Rant: Osgoode Marley Handbags

Those of you who read more than just my fashion rants are aware that I have gone back to college to earn a degree.  My return to academia created a change in my needs for a handbag for daily use.  I needed more room, but didn’t want to carry a massively large handbag.

My usual brands were letting me down, so I decided to abandon “brand loyalty” in favor of finding something that would work for me.  It was a rather difficult search as none of the websites offered the option to search by size or handle length.  Somehow I managed to stumble across the Osgoode Marley line and the handbag that I now carry every day.

It is a single-handle, zippered leather bag with decorative stitching on the handle and front inset.  The interior is large enough to carry my usual collection of wallet and small electronics – and a pencil pouch.  The leather is soft, but stiff enough not to collapse fully when empty.  I’d be happier if it had more interior slip pockets and if the card and pen holders were a little lower, but it still works.

The overall design aesthetic of the Osgoode Marley collections impressed me and I would recommend their handbags to others looking for workhorses.


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