Overheard on Twitter: Man vs iTunes

Republished with the permission of the author.  Thank you, @cripesonfriday for letting me share.

7:15 PM

No iTunes, I don’t believe that the iPod is full, can you check again please ?

7:16 PM

No, see, I unchecked all the boxes of all the playlists, that should have freed up 50Gb, I only want to add 45Gb, how can I be 2.2 GB over?

7:17 PM

No, check again, you’ll see I’m right.

7:18 PM

No, I reckon it’s the video section, look you’re saying I have 13Gb of video, I don’t have any. Just check that. Plaes.

7:19 PM

See, now you’re syncing, but at the bottom it says there’s not enough room. Yes I know you’re syncing, I just SAID that, but if you LOOK…

7:20 PM

I’m not shouting, I’m not, I just want to know which information is correct. Because earlier you said “Sync complete” but you didn’t sync.

7:22 PM

It’s just that it’s 2214 songs you’re adding, and I’ll wait, but not if you’re going to just fail again, that’s all I’m saying.

7:23 PM

No, I can see that, it is syncing, it’s about 10% done, but can YOU see the yellow triangle with the ! in it? That’s what I’m talking about.

7:24 PM

No, I know, I can see it’s syncing, I just said that, but can you just for a minute look at the bottom of the screen? The yellow triangle?

7:25 PM

Yes.Yes we will see.Oh, we’ll see fucking BIG TIME.And this 9Gb of apps is a load of shite too but I don’t have the time or the patience now

7:28 PM

Okay, I didn’t want to do this but okay, 9 Gb? really? The biggest game I have is 750Mb and I deleted that.

7:28 PM

It doesn’t matter why, I just deleted it.

7:29 PM

Because my thumbs couldn’t make Sam Fisher turn a corner okay? It doesn’t matter, I deleted it.Justify the 9Gb

7:30 PM

I’m not talking about the photos, and don’t judge me for them. HOW DARE YOU. It’s a valid form of art.

7:31 PM

This is getting us nowhere, I’m going to make a cup of tea, then sit & drink it. Do you reckon you can update an iPod in that time? Do you?

7:32 PM

Oh GO FUCK YOURSELF, just do your damn job. No wonder your propitiatory software, who the fuck would choose you otherwise.Yeah, I SAID IT !

7:34 PM

Yes, I meant “you’re” Oh well done on spotting a spelling error, you totally win the argument now.

7:35 PM

Well, Media Monkey for a start, I’ve heard good things about it. Yes, but people say it’s worth buying.

7:36 PM

Or Foobar. You can if you customise it, yes you can. There are some great ones out there. Totally possible

7:37 PM

Yes, I know the apps won’t sync, I fucking know that.

7:38 PM

I don’t use a Mac, you know that. It doesn’t matter if it works better on a Mac, you don’t sell iPods only to Mac owners do you?

7:39 PM

I’m making the tea. I’m not discussing this any more. Do your job, just do your fucking job.

7:42 PM

Just had a really intense DM conversation with my iTunes. Things got tense, but I am glad to say I didn’t swear once.


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