Overheard on Twitter: A Few of My Favorites

From @knitkat (9 Sep 09)

someone asked me last night about “universal healthcare in canada” I said oh you wanna know about our death panels.

I told them what we do is just put the sick and elderly on ice flows – problem solved

problem is that with all this global warming it is hard to find granny a decent ice flow

From @Glinner (27 Jan 10)

Steve Jobs just came into my office, breathless, and asked if I have Skype.

As soon as he heard I didn’t have Skype, He shouted “fuckfuckfuckfuck” and ran down the stairs.

It’s especially weird as I work from home.

From two well-known spaceship jockeys (18 Feb 10)

I’m calling you out @NathanFillion. Your spaceship vs my spaceship. Last one to the crab nebula gets the beers in. Spacedock, 1 hour.

Yo, @simonpegg, be reasonable! My ship was a filming set, while the Enterprise is obviously real. Perhaps a drinking contest?

@NathanFillion You’re on. To be honest, somebody keyed my nacelles so the old lady’s in the shop. I’ll get the first round in. Romulan ale?

There’s so much more that I’d love to share (and I will later, if I don’t get sued for sharing this lot).


About Julirose

Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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