Fashion Rant: Vinyl Handbags

Enough about leather! Let’s talk vinyl!

Leather is nice but it has its drawbacks. For one, it does not like the rain. Vinyl, however, doesn’t care about the rain. It doesn’t stain, discolor or fade and lasts as long, if not longer, than leather. It does however share leather’s vulnerability to marring.

Two brands stand out when it comes to design and usability in vinyl handbags: Tyler Rodan and Rosetti. Both make a variety of sizes and styles. And both have large handbags with a decent strap drop, making them easy to shoulder for those of us who like to have our hands free for other things.

The range of colors is a bit limited, but both manufacturers make basic black and a neutral tan. The handbags are made in China and it would not surprise me if they came from the same factory. They are well constructed and without noticeable flaws (I haven’t found any in the two that I own).  I’m still open to buying American made vinyl, but I haven’t found any yet.


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