Another One Bites the Dust

This week another science fiction franchise fell silent after years of keeping us entertained with its sense of wonder. It had launched its third incarnation two seasons ago with an excellent cast of characters and actors to its credit. Unfortunately, the fans of its earlier selves did not take to this new approach and deserted the show. Except of course for a few die-hard science fiction fans who were keenly interested in the new direction taken by what was becoming a stale franchise.

I was one of those fans of Stargate: Universe who stuck with the show in spite of the problems that I had viewing it. My satellite reception of the network it ran on was less than spectacular at times and I was forced to view through and later through Syfy Rewind. I was thrilled when my television reception recovered and I could watch it the “old-fashioned” way – off the dvr.

The first season was geared toward getting to know the characters and watching them cope with their new environment and the survival challenges it presented. I was drawn to the show by the presence of a few familiar cast members, but quickly became a fan of the entire cast. I was not particularly fond of a few of the characters they portrayed, but the show would have been less interesting without them.

Fortunately, it’s hard to keep good science fiction down for long. Star Wars has a successful animated series out there. Star Trek just relaunched their movie franchise. Let’s hope that Stargate comes roaring back soon with something equally amazing!


1 thought on “Another One Bites the Dust

  1. “Star Wars has a successful animated series out there.” – Debatable! Much of the dialogue is wooden still, along with the animation. With the release of the second prequel film, you already know how many of the characters will end up anyway. 😉 Oh, on the topic of bad for sci-fi, Sigh.


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