Driftwood (Part 6)

“We keep digging.” The look on Winona Kent’s face was that of an agent determined to solve a difficult case. It was her first case and she wasn’t about to let it go. If someone had given it to her expecting her to fail, they had made a mistake.

Jason smiled at Agent Kent. “You don’t give up easily, do you?” he asked.

“Never have, never will.” She tucked her file back into her handbag. “We should go before anyone gets suspicious.” She turned to face Detective Conrad and gave him a gentle bump with her elbow. “And pick somewhere else for our next meeting.”

Always one to take a hint, Gene Conrad stood up and let Winona slide out of the booth. “We’ll be in touch, Mr. Telford.” They left together.

Jason watched them leave, showing particular interest in Special Agent Kent’s legs. They looked like a nice couple out on a date. Jason was feeling decidedly jealous at the moment. His daydreaming about Winona was cut short by the waitress delivering the check for
the coffees.

Jason paid and set out for home. He needed to do some digging of his own. He couldn’t believe that two trained investigators had missed it. It wasn’t much, a small thing really but important in the long run. It was something he should have done sooner, but he didn’t know then what he knew now – the name of the person who reported Cecilia Andrews missing – Aaron Andrews.

Jason googled “Aaron Andrews” and came up with too many college boys and their Facebook pages. He added the search term “Barbados” and discovered a short news article about his sister going missing. Other than finding out what he already knew, his bright idea was mostly a waste of time. Not one to give up, he tried a few other search engines and got lucky.

He found an in-depth article about Americans being kidnapped or murdered while abroad. It focused on the Barbados incident and provided some startling details. Cecilia Andrews had gone missing, presumably kidnapped and possibly murdered. Her brother Aaron, a vacationing FBI agent, was found murdered in an alley near the hotel they were staying in. Local authorities had few leads and considered the possibility that she had murdered her brother and then fled back to the US. The case was turned over to the FBI.

Jason had more questions than answers. Why hadn’t Agent Kent mentioned that Aaron was a FBI agent? More importantly, why hadn’t she mentioned that he was deceased? And just who was posing as Aaron Andrews? He intended fully to ask Winona at their next meeting.

Noticing it was late, Jason decided to get some sleep, especially since he was due back at work in the morning. He picked up the driftwood from his dresser and took another look at it. The message had changed again. “BETHANY”, it said. Jason tucked it into a bottom drawer and crawled into bed. Although he was worried it would keep him up all night trying to figure out the new message, he fell asleep immediately.

He awoke in the morning to his phone ringing. It was Marianne calling to remind him it was his turn to carpool to work. A quick shower and an instant breakfast later he was in his scrubs and out the door.


About Julirose

Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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