Handbags – Leather vs Vinyl

When you shop for a handbag, you look at several things.  You generally have a size in mind depending on whether you want to carry everything (with room for more) or just the basics (wallet, keys, and cellphone).  You might also be looking for a particular color or texture depending on the occasion.

For every designer leather bag, there is usually a similar vinyl knockoff.  Most people would shun the knockoff for the more expensive designer leather bag.  Leather is nice to own – if you live somewhere where it never rains, where it is never muddy or snowy, and where there is no chance of spilling food or liquids on the handbag.  Spill something on a vinyl bag and you can wipe it off with no ill effects.

Handle drop is something to consider.  If the drop is too short, the handbag can’t be shouldered or accessed while on the shoulder.  The latter isn’t a serious bother if you live in a high crime area or travel a lot as it serves as a deterrent to pickpockets.  Vinyl bags tend to have longer handles than their leather counterparts.  Exactly why remains a mystery.

Price point in today’s economy should be the make or break on the decision to buy.  Why spend $80 to $100 on a leather bag when the vinyl equivalent is half the price?  If you need the designer name to advertise wealth you don’t have or actually have the money to burn, I suppose that purchasing the more expensive leather handbag makes sense.

Personally, I’m happier carrying a vinyl handbag that does what I want and keeping the extra money for coffee.




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