Remnant – 2.1 Disturbances

Chase stared off into the distance.  Her vision was blurred by her tears.  She stood rigid at the edge of a cliff with her hands clenched into tight fists.  Her life had gone so wrong in a few short years.  It was time to correct her father’s mistake. She stepped forward and began the long fall to the bottom of the rock face.

On the way down, Chase took inventory of all that was wrong and went wrong over the course of the year.  Her parents had been killed in a car crash the year before.  It had taken some time to settle their estate.  In the meantime, she was facing pressure from her employer to put in more hours at work and her husband was losing interest in their marriage.

Chase was emotionally drained, tired, depressed from all the stress and demands and she might have managed to fight her way through it.  If only she hadn’t found that box in the attic with the old super 8 and reel to reel audio tapes.  She stared in disbelief as she watched her “birth” on film.  The recorded conversation between the two people she thought were her parents chilled her blood.

Her entire existence had been a lie.  Whether she was something from Earth’s deep dark past or something that fell from the sky didn’t matter nearly as much as the overwhelming sense of loneliness that possessed her.

The divorce no longer hurt, nor did losing her job.  What hurt most was being truly alone on the planet.  That pain would all be gone when she hit the canyon floor.

The fall seemed to be taking forever. “Perhaps it’s over,” she thought. “What if when you die in a fall you just keep falling forever?”  Chase tried to remember her high school physics and how to compute terminal velocity.  The formula escaped her grasp, but she was certain that it was the reason for her long fall.

“No way to change my mind if I wanted to, not that I want to.”  At some point during the fall, Chase blacked out.


About Julirose

Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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2 Responses to Remnant – 2.1 Disturbances

  1. Pat says:

    Sad. 😦 Interesting take on the thought process during suicide though.


    • Julirose says:

      It’s the result of having spent a good many years thinking about it.  I think that I’ve imagined every scenario before deciding that I really didn’t like any of them.


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