Remnant – 2.2 Observation

Five men were out hiking, looking for a suitable challenge.  They were all climbers and members of the military.  None of them were aware of just how much their lives were about to change.

“What the hell? There’s a woman on the top of that cliff.”  James Trevose, a Marine Corps surveillance expert,  pressed the record button on his binoculars and zoomed in on her, just as she stepped off the edge.  He followed her as she fell to the bottom.  He had to scramble to catch up to the other four as they had already started running to the cliff base.

Navy Lieutenant Adam Parker was the first to arrive.  “Holy shit! What the hell is that?”  He was pointing to a pale grey form lying unconscious where the woman should have fallen.  “It looks like some kind of lizard.”

Neil Jackson, Colonel USMC, was a veterinarian in his civilian life and had treated several large reptiles in his career.  He slowly approached the form to take a look while Adam and Andrew Parker, Adam’s twin brother and fellow SEAL, searched the area for the body of the woman.

“It’s still alive, badly wounded but still alive.”  He motioned to Rick Marshall, a Marine Medic, “I need the first aid kit.”

“Are you nuts?” Rick shouted. “It’s a wounded animal.  Just shoot it.”

“Guys,” Lt. Trevose had switched the data card from his binoculars to a small laptop and had reviewed the video footage, “you have to see this!”

“Not now, Jim. We have a woman to find.”  Rick turned his attention to the returning twins.  “Find anything?” he shouted at them.

They shook their heads and shouted back, “we found nothing. It’s as if she just vanished.”

“Guys, ” Jim piped up, “she’s right here.” He pointed at the still unconscious reptile, “or rather, over there.”


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Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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