Remnant – 2.3 Decision

Neil gently examined the fallen reptilian while listening to the exclamations from his fellow climbers.  “Rick, can I have the first-aid kit now?”

“Yeah,” he turned his attention to his pack, and after rummaging through it, pulled out a red bag with a white cross on it.  He took a few steps closer and handed it to Neil, “here it is.”

Neil turned his attention to cleansing a wound in her leg and Rick prepped a bandage for it.

“How did you know?  I mean, that it was her.”

“The dress was a big hint.” Neil wrapped the bandage tightly around the leg.  “Unless you have some weird friends that I haven’t met who dress their pet lizards in human clothes, I figured it was a safe bet that somehow this was the woman from the cliff.”

“She needs proper medical care.  We should get her to a hospital.”  Rick cut off another length of gauze and began wrapping the recently cleaned forearm.

“You really want to admit her to a hospital?”  Neil stared at Rick.

“Where else then?”  Rick brushed aside her hair to examine her face.  “And how are we going to get there?”

“Adele.”  Adam Parker joined the pair. “She could fly us out, take us anywhere we want to go, no questions asked.”

“Old girlfriend?” Rick smiled.

“Sister,” Adam shot back.  “So, where are we going to take her?”

“My place.  My house has a veterinary clinic next to it if we need anything medical.  I suspect though that all she needs is bed-rest.” Neil was busy packing up the first aid kit.

“Your place?” Rick took the kit from Neil. “Wouldn’t Bethesda be better?”

“No, my place is closer and we still have some leave left. I doubt that she’ll give us much trouble.”

“I agree,” Andrew chimed in, “she failed to kill herself and probably won’t do much of anything except sleep.”

“We can figure out what else to do about her after we find out who she is, or was, or whatever.”  Neil looked at Rick. “Any objections?”


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Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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One Response to Remnant – 2.3 Decision

  1. Nice little scene there. Good work. I definitely want to know more about their patient.


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