Remnant – 2.4 Evacuation

Four men carefully lifted the unconscious female off the ground at the base of the cliff and moved her to a waiting mummy bag.  James recorded the move from the rocks to the skid of the arriving medevac helicopter.

“Where to, guys?” The pilot, Adele Parker, shouted over the drone of the blades.

“Pleasant Hill Animal Care Facility.” Neil shouted back. “Do you need directions?”

“No,  I take my terriers there.”  Adele pulled the stick back and aimed the helicopter toward the top of the cliff.  “Is the staff expecting us?”

“Not a problem.” Neil moved to a seat closer to her.  “You’ll be landing behind the main house, in the back yard.”

“Won’t the owner be upset with us?”  Adele leveled off the helicopter and increased airspeed.


“Really? Why’s that?”

“I’m the owner.”

Adele Parker mouthed “OK” and headed over the state forest toward Pleasant Hill.

Realizing that their plans for the day had been scrapped and that it was about time for lunch, they spent the trip digging into their stash of junk food.  Talking wasn’t an option because none of them felt like shouting.  Except for the occasional crinkle of a chip bag and the drone of the rotors, the trip was completed in silence.

Adele gently landed the helicopter in the back yard of a large two-story house and waited while the mystery patient was carried into the house.  Her brother Adam had stayed behind to thank her for her favor but she shooed him away.  “I know, I know, you’ll pay me back.  We’ll talk later.  I’ve gotta go; there’s a big accident on the interstate.  See ya.”

Adam stared up at the departing helicopter and waved goodbye to the pilot.  He shook his head and wandered into the house.

Neil and Rick were upstairs, busy with their patient.  Andrew was busy in the kitchen hunting for food and planning dinner.  Trevose was sitting at the dining table, busy searching the internet for information on the mysterious cliff diver.  Adam sat down in the living room, dug his cell phone out of his pack and made a call.


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