One alternative to Susan G Komen

Note: I hope that this will be helpful in your search for an alternative. One of my assignments for a college English course was to research a charity and prepare a presentation for that charity. This is the paper justifying the choice.

Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition

After deciding to create materials in support of breast cancer awareness and particularly an organization that deserved recognition for its achievements as well as its efforts, we decided to support a charitable organization that provided local services.  We chose the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition located in Ephrata, PA.

The Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition is a statewide organization that provides information to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.  They also help organize support groups and state legislation to assist women undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  Their stated goal is to provide funding for cancer researchers within the state of Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition was founded in 1993 by breast cancer survivors with the stated goal “to find a cure for breast cancer”.  Although this remains their primary goal, they have been active in providing both information and support to women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The Coalition also supported legislation to provide free treatment to women unable to afford health insurance in the state.

Approximately 46% of their funding comes from state and federal government grants, 23% from Grassroots Partners fundraisers, 20% from corporate donations to their annual conference, and 11% from other sources such as dividends and investments, marketplace purchases, honor/memorial gifts, Community Health Charities/CFC/SECA/United Way donations, LCB store collections, and general donations.

The PBCC is incorporated as a 501(c)3 in order to provide tax incentives to its contributors. Better Business Bureau standards require charities to spend at least 50 % of all contributions on their stated causes. More than 80% of all donations to the PBCC go toward providing breast cancer education and outreach.  Approximately 83% of donations goes toward their award-winning programs: Friends Like Me™, the Income Tax Check-Off for Breast and Cervical Cancer Research, the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition Annual Conference, and their traveling photo exhibit “67 Women – 67 Counties: Facing Breast Cancer in Pennsylvania™”.  11% of your donation goes toward fundraising costs. 6% goes toward administrative costs such as salaries for employees and office equipment.

In 2000, president and founder, Pat Halpin-Murphy received the Infinity Award given at Villanova University to “outstanding women in the state” for establishing the PBCC. In 2010, they were awarded the Tempo Award for “outstanding advocacy and awareness work in the breast cancer field”.  Adagio Health presents the Tempo Award to individuals and organizations who improve the health and well-being of women and families in the Pittsburgh region.


Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition.



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