Remnant – 3.1 Re-adjustment

The last thing Chase remembered she was falling to her death, a decision that she had not made lightly. Although her conscious mind was adamant about dying, her unconscious mind had other ideas.

Her body had changed on the way down. It had become less vulnerable to the impact of the fall. It had found a way to soften the blow and let her survive.

The webbing between her fingers began to shed immediately after the fall. She had landed alive, but unconscious, at the bottom of the cliff. Time for her had become irrelevant.

Chase saw light and wondered if she were dead, but the muffled voices seemed more of an earthly nature. One of them was familiar to her. The vague memory of conversations in a diner booth wafted through her still groggy mind.

The voices slowly grew louder, the light brighter, and the ache stronger as she struggled back to consciousness.

The face looming above her was out of focus, but the voice she definitely knew. She remembered Adam Parker from their talks at the diner. He had been persistent in his recruitment efforts. “Welcome back, Doctor Alexander.”

She tried to sit up, but her efforts were rewarded with sharp pains. She attempted to speak, but her voice creaked unnaturally. Perhaps water would help.

She made an effort to croak out the word only to be presented with a baby bottle full. “Really?” she thought. But upon thinking about it further, she decided it was preferable to a face full of water.

She moved her hands up to grasp the bottle and they responded without agony. She looked at the hands that responded to her call and wondered what the joke was. They weren’t her hands, they couldn’t be, but she felt the bottle firmly in her grasp.

And then it all came flooding back.


About Julirose

Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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