Remnant – 3.2 Re-assembly

Chase’s long fall off a cliff started with the death of her parents in a plane crash. While going through their estate, she found a box in the attic and discovered that her entire life was a lie. It had made her brooding and secretive, and that got her fired.

There had been the recruiting efforts of Navy Lieutenant Adam Parker. He had tried to convince her to join the Navy on some hush-hush secret project. She kept saying “no” and he kept coming back trying to feed her just enough about the project to get her hooked without knowing exactly what he was recruiting her for.

And then there was Marco. The man she had expected to marry. The man who should have trusted her, believed in her, telling her that it was over. He had called her a whore, accused her of stepping out on him, sleeping around. He said he had proof and he didn’t want to hear any of her lies. Her heart broke and all she could think of was wanting to die.

As she was waking up, she started assembling the bits and pieces of the puzzle. Marco’s photos of her with another man must have been her meetings with Parker at the diner. There would have only been pictures of them eating together, unless the sleazy detective following her engaged in a little photoshopping.

Chase was fired from her job because she hadn’t been doing it. She was too wrapped up in figuring out who and what she was. It had become a major distraction. It was also why she had turned down the Navy’s offer.

As she stared up at the Lieutenant’s face, she wondered if it was too late to accept the Navy’s offer. Could she still have the job? Or was she destined for some laboratory dissection table somewhere?


About Julirose

Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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