Late to the Party

The light at the end of the tunnel beckons. It offers warmth, promises beauty, and pierces the darkness of despair with rays of hope. But I fear it. I fear that it’s brightness will burn my fragile soul. I fear that there is no beauty in the light, only the reflection of my hideous self.

I hear laughter echoing into the tunnel. Are they laughing at me? Or is it merely the laughter of children at play? My fears hold me back, but my curiosity draws me forward.

One step closer the laughter remains a mystery. Another step closer and I hear whispers, voices in conversation, and clinking noises. My fear rushes up to whisper, “those are chains, go back”. But my curiosity rejects that explanation.

Another step forward and I see the shadows of people gathered into small groups. Their conversations are bathed in soft music. One more step brings me to the threshold.

Should I enter?


About Julirose

Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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