The body lay all over the sidewalk.  It popped like a water balloon, covering the side of the building and part of the street with body fluids. Nobody saw where it fell from.

The police canvassed the neighborhood looking for anyone who might have seen what happened. There were no witnesses to the fall, but there were plenty of people who heard the pop when the body hit sidewalk.  At least that was the conclusion everyone came to.

It was a puzzling case. Bodies don’t normally splatter like that; not in real-life. But there it was, an absolute mess of body parts scattered about the sidewalk as if …

But no one heard an explosion. If a bomb had gone off, it would explain the gore at Detective Steed’s feet. But there was no trace of a bomb. No timers, no detonators, not a scrap of wire could be found. Equally odd was the absence of clothing; no keys, no wallet, no watch, nor a scrap of cloth lay anywhere in the vicinity.

And where had the deceased fallen from? Was it a he or a she? Detective Steed would have to ask the coroner, Doctor Knight,  about that when she arrived. Or had the deceased jumped? The windows on 1313 Elm Street didn’t open. The deceased had to have jumped from the roof, or fallen, or been pushed.

Forensics arrived with the coroner. They scraped up the entrails, vacuumed up the fluids, and bags all the large body parts they could find. The body was now Doctor Knight’s responsibility. She shook her head at the mess when she arrived and nodded at the detective when she left. Detective Steed followed her back to the morgue.

Hours were spent by both Steed and Knight in an effort to reconstruct and identify the deceased, but the task appeared hopeless.


About Julirose

Amateur word arranger, avid number cruncher, and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast.
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