Handbags – Overland Equipment

I have purchased several of Overland Equipment handbags to varying degrees of success.

My first purchase was a Donner. Although I love the color and the basic layout, I was not satisfied with the size of the main compartment. The bag measures 11w x 9h x 4d (inches), however the 11w includes two bottle pockets. The real width of the main compartment is only 7 inches. I would have been happier if the width of the main compartment were 10 inches. The three extra inches would make the bag more useful.

My second purchase was a Sierra. I have used the Sierra despite it being more bag than I really want.  It is a well constructed double-handle tote with plenty of room. I expect to be using it until it falls apart.

In my search for a bag somewhere between the Donner and the Sierra, I spotted the Auburn. It was difficult to tell the actual dimensions based upon what was listed and the photos provided. I should have gone by the dimensions given as it turned out to be a smaller bag than expected.

Overall, I am impressed with the thoughtful design of the Overland Equipment bags. Only the Auburn proved too small to house my oversized phone. The phone compartment will hold phones up to 5.5 inches long by 3 inches wide. There is a place for a pen and other items that you would want to keep handy under an outside flapped compartment.

I hope that future iterations of the Donner and Sierra will use the Auburn’s magnetic close on the flap as the rip of the Velcro can be annoying at times. I also would be overjoyed to see a larger version of the Donner bag (single strap, please).


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